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Weave Words is a relaxing new PC word game that will provide you with many hours of fun rewarding gameplay. Designed to be easy to play for even a word games novice, within minutes of downloading Weave Words, you're sure to be wrapped up in its delights.

Enjoy word games? You'll love Weave Words!

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Word Games
Weave Words is a fun computer word game where you play to uncover well known phrases and sayings.

The game presents you with a hexagonal grid of letter tiles, which must be used to create words of three or more letters.

Once a word is made, you are awarded points based on its length and content (like Scrabble). Letters from the word can then be chosen to try to uncover parts of the hidden popular phrase or saying.

The longer the words you make, the more letters you can choose when trying to reveal the hidden phrase. An added layer of skill & strategy not usually seen in other word games!

With three different modes of play (Classic, Relax, and Time Challenge), over three thousand popular phrases to solve, and thirty interesting subjects to choose from, Weave Words is sure to keep you entertained for ages.

But even that's not all! You can also download new player created phrase packs for free, or even create and share your own phrase packs on whatever subjects you like!

4.3mb download

$19.95 With a 30 day money back guarantee

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP Home/XP Pro

Treat yourself to a relaxing word game today.

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